Simple and super intuitive

  • Custom interactive and super simple interface

  • Select from one or more options

  • Spectacular winners scoreboard

  • SMS verification

  • much more...

Public opinion wisdom | talent competition |Elections to local authorities | Surveys | Costume competition | TV shows | Games | The singer in a mask | and much more...

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Simple creation


Super Intuitive


Spectacular Scoreboard



Simple creation

  • Take a photo and upload your ideas / contestants, from a computer or mobile. Web based No application required

  • Generate a QR code for voting and distribute it to voters

  • Add categories 

  • Define how many candidates they can choose, one or more

  • Add a landing page image and event logo

  • Choose a graphics color and theme

  • Define a hint or tip for voters in each category

  • Results screen setup

  • Set the security level - Verification by SMS or without

  • Open and close real-time voting in any category

Tip for producers

Upload 2 photos to each contestant and the system will create a spectacular boomerang between the photos

You can also edit and add a photo to upload during the event from a mobile

Man Trying App

How to begin?




Super Intuitive

  • Distribute the voting link or QR code to scan

  • Each voter could choose 1 or more contestants

  • Custom and super intuitive interactive interface

  • Choose a security level - Anyone could vote
    Once in each category (if you chose SMS verification)

  • Voting in categories opens and closes in real time

  • Web based No application required

  • Interface in the Hebrew and English languages

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ivote demo main page.jpg

Tip for producers

You can chose and set up a one-time vote for  mobile Or a kiosk Mode for tablet or touch screens


Spectacular Scoreboard


iPad – 5.jpg
  • Connect your computer to the giant screen at the event or broadcast the scoreboard from the studio

  • Showcase your contestants and results in real time in a spectacular grid

  • Show or hide real-time results

  • Announcing the winners by pressing the keyboard and presenting them in a large theme

Tip for producers

The system is cloud  based and internet, so you can distribute your link to those who did not attend the event

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